Air Walker Mini Review

Summary: For a low-impact way of moving your legs while seated (even in the office), the Air Walker Mini from Total Rehabilitation provides an excellent solution. This compact unit lets you move forward and back, side to side and also in a semi-circle. You can’t use this one standing up (it does look a little like a mini-elliptical trainer, though this is not the correct user). If you want to stimulate blood flow, stretch and make sure you are active while seated, the Air Walker Mini could be a great pick. Check out the gallery and the feedback from previous buyers on the product page now!

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Low Impact Seated Exerciser – The Air Walker Mini

What you get is a robust little floor standing unit, with two pedals held in place by strong metal poles. This is small enough to put under your desk, or in front of the sofa. It only weighs 6 kilograms, making it easy to move around too.

The key to this unit is the flexibility of movement. You can go forwards and backwards, side to side laterally out – or in a semi-circular movement. Each of the pedals is independent, so you do not need to push one forward while pulling the other back (for example), unless you want to! There are no resistance levels or settings. You can make this harder or easier via the amount of pressure you put on it through your legs.

Instead of a cardio workout, the Air Walker Mini is designed for getting you moving and improving circulation. If you are inactive, then even this gentle movement can wake up dormant leg muscles. This is ideal for older users and for people who are unable to get around as much as they would like. I would also recommend this for people who are forced to spend a lot of the day seated, for example I an office. Keep in mind that you can’t stand on this unit. I recommend checking out this page on Elliptical Cross Trainer Reviews if you prefer to stand.

Delivery of this unit is free to most of the UK, and only minimal home assembly is needed once you receive it.

Air Walker Mini – What Previous Buyers Said

So far the feedback for the Air Walker Mini has been excellent, with the majority of buyers giving the full 5 stars. The consensus is that it is easy to assemble (great news, as this is often a sticking point!), and that delivery is very quick.

One commenter mentioned that it has helped to ease her husband’s arthritis pains, and that is also relaxing to use. The robustness of the unit also came in for some praise. At the time of writing, the comments are limited – it will be interesting to see if the positive feedback continues.

Air Walker Mini Low-Impact Exerciser, Conclusion

This unit will not get you sweating or burn too many calories. What it will do is to get your legs moving – whether that is under your desk or in front of the TV. This could be an ideal solution for people who are less mobile, and can help with your circulation if you are seated for long periods.

Check out the comments and gallery for yourself on this dedicated product page.

Alternative Under-Desk Exerciser

Another popular option for under your desk is the Confidence Fitness Mini-Exercise Bike. This does let you change the resistance levels, and can burn calories as well as getting your blood circulating.