AsVIVA ST3 Stepper Review

Summary: For the ideal lower body workout, the AsVIVA stepper certainly fits the bill. With a tall frame and handlebars, you’ll be stepping with added comfort and balance while all the time tracking your progress with the on-board display. The instructions to put this together are in German (facepalm moment if the seller was hoping for positive user feedback from the UK!!). This stepper has a big discount at (at the time of writing) too. See the product page for the latest deal.

AsVIVA ST3 Stepper - White

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Detailed Review of the AsVIVA ST3 Stepper

Stepper machines are an ideal piece of gym equipment for use in the home, as they take up so little room. Many steppers are much smaller items, where you’ll simply stand on the two footpads, but this AsVIVA stepper goes much further as a tall metal frame features handlebars to lean on. This makes for a leg, hips and buttock workout where you’ll have no trouble maintaining balance. The item is priced in the mid to low range after a substantial reduction at amazon.

This stepper has a neat little grey and black on-board computer, which displays the revs per minute, the number of calories burned, the time and the step count. If holding the handlebars, the sensors will also keep track of your pulse and display this too. This computer has ‘reset’, ‘mode’ and ‘set’ buttons, making it easier to control than many similar displays which are controlled by just a single button.

Taking a look at similar steppers, this isn’t the cheapest you’ll find online, but it’s certainly not the most expensive either. This is ideal for home use, perfect for when watching the TV, while the setup also makes it easy to read a book or magazine whilst using the equipment. The item is easy to move around, coming in at just 15kg and the design makes it easy to place it in the corner of the room.

AsVita S3 Buyer Feedback

Reviews for this item are more positive than negative. It is said to be easy to set up, up and running within the hour, although one complaint expressed by virtually every buyer was the fact that the instructions came in German only. One buyer suggested that it was more suited to heavier users, while another stated it was well built.

The AsVIVA ST3 Stepper is ideal for those who want to work those lower body muscles with a little more comfort than the more standard smaller stepper. The battery operated on-board computer ensures you can track your progress too.

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