Basics of Bodybuilding Nutrition

When trying to understand the importance of nutrition for the purposes of gaining healthy weight and lean body mass, I like to refer to this analogy. How do you grow a strong healthy tree? It needs water and food, right? Feed it right and  it will grow. Feed it with inferior nutrients and you’ll stunt its growth.

Are you eating right? Are you eating enough? With regard to bodybuilding and your eating requirements, what you eat is  about 50% of the way to achieve your gains. I’ll say this again, eat right and you are 50% of the way to reaching your  weight gain goals.

Be reasonable and logical. How can you expect gains after a grueling workout whilst keeping your diet constant. You have just overloaded your muscles and they are screaming for additional nutrition to build and repair but you are denying them this. Getting the picture now?

Unproven Bodybuilding Supplements?

I am not an advocate of stuffing your body with unproven bodybuilding supplements which may do more harm than good in the long term. However, there are a few bodybuilding supplements that supply a good macro-nutrient profile of carbs/protein/fats that will provide your body with the much needed nutrients that will help to gain healthy weight.

In saying that, the basis of your bodybuilding diet should not solely rely on supplements. Like the name suggests they should supplement your diet instead of providing the bulk of your calories.


I am a firm believer in getting all the nutrients you need from intelligent eating of good old fashioned unprocessed food. Learn the healthy way to build muscle without having to spend hundreds of dollars on untested and possibly dangerous fancy supplements.

If you make a plan to follow a strict bodybuilding diet with the aid of appetite stimulants for those struggling with a weak appetite, not only will you be seeing more positive results, but it’s a great motivator as well because your always on top of what you need to eat.

You’ll be surprised by how many people are oblivious to the importance of nutrition to building muscle. Don’t guess, get the simple facts and it will change your body and life for the better.