Best Exercise Equipment Types for Specific Goals

Everyone has a unique combination of health and fitness goals, space, budget and personal preferences. Some of these are covered in detail in specific guides here at Fitness Review. Below is a summary to give you a starting point for the types of fitness equipment to look into based on some broad categories:

#1 Weight Loss

This is a common query. People have put on a couple of extra pounds, and would like to find an exercise machine to turn the tide. An important factor here is that the machine needs to be enjoyable enough to use regularly. For those with busy lives, speed of the workout is also a factor.

Popular choices for this goal includes Treadmills and Exercise Bikes.

#2 Cardio Fitness

Many of us simply enjoy being fit – and giving the heart and lungs a good workout is a great way to achieve that. Your choice of home gym equipment should cover you from getting started and still be useful when you are already fit. Time is again a factor, with some machines ideal for the shorter and more intensive cardio workouts.

Reader looking to improve their overall fitness level often choose Cross Trainers and Treadmills.

#3 Smaller Exercise Equipment

As much as we’d all love a separate home gym, the reality is that many of us are pushed for space. Some equipment folds away more easily than others, and some machines are naturally smaller than others to begin with.

Steppers can be very small, and rowing machines too. If you’d like a treadmill, then this guide to the Best Folding Treadmills will point you in the right direction.

#4 Muscle Building / Tone

Fitness equipment to help you build muscles or stay toned is covered in depth here at Fitness Review. This includes home gyms, weights, kettle bells and much more. You can find this information in the weight training section of the site.

The Importance of Personal Preferences

If the ‘logic’ of a home gym equipment purchase points to a type of machine you do not think you’d enjoy using – then I recommend that you do not buy it.

Yes, I’m going to say that something is more important than the science when it comes to choosing the best exercise equipment for you!

You might use a new machine for a couple of weeks by sheer will-power alone. However if you go with one you genuinely enjoy using (even if it does not quite match the calorie burn or intensity of the ‘ideal’ piece of kit), then you are far more likely to keep going for the long term.

When it comes to fitness equipment, I recommend you find the main choices which come close to your goals – and then go with the one you will enjoy using the most.

Your next step is to check out these detailed review and comparison pages, which will show you the different options, features and price brackets within each category.