Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym

Summary: For an all body workout at a discount price, this rowing machine fits the bill perfectly. Lightweight and foldable, the Body Sculpture rower is ideal for those home workouts – combining a rowing machine with functions to work on your arms, shoulders and back – it’s stylish too! At the time of writing this exercise machine has a 58% discount at – check out the product page now for the latest deal!

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym

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Detailed Review of the Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym

A rowing machine is an ideal piece of gym equipment as the action of rowing involves working every large muscle group in the body, ensuring both a balanced and intensive workout. This stylish looking Body Sculpture machine promises to work your arms, chest, back, shoulders, laterals and abdominal, the adjustable resistance ensuring that the workouts remain intensive as your fitness increases. This was originally a mid-price piece of gym equipment, but a huge discount at amazon sees it come down to the low to mid-price range.

This rowing machine features an on-board computer which gives you all the information you’ll need about your session, including the stroke count, the time and the calorie burn. The footplates are on the large side, with added pivot to ensure a more natural feel, the secure strap added so there’ll be no slippage during your workout. The equipment comes with an instructional DVD which will explain all of the mini gym exercises you can use to get you in shape.

In comparison to similar pieces of machinery, this Body Sculpture rowing machine is certainly reasonable in price. The particularly eye catching grey and orange color scheme featuring one of the best designed on-board computers you’ll see, means this will look good in the home. The fact that it’s just 16kg in weight and is foldable makes it easily transportable and great for storage too.

Reviews of the item are generally very positive. The machine is said to be particularly easy to assemble, users stating that this can be achieved in around just 20 minutes. One reviewer suggested that this was ideal for home usage, although not quite in the same category as pro gym equipment. Some taller users (over 6 feet) expressed difficulty at times when rowing, but the overriding view was that it works well and offers value for money, over 50% of the reviewers awarding it the maximum 5 stars.

The Body Sculpture BR3010 is a good value piece of home gym equipment which will certainly see you work a variety of muscle groups. The adjustable nature of the rowing machine ensures you can continue to push yourself on and on, while you can store it away easily after use.

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