Bodymax 10kg Kettlebell Cast Iron Review

Bodymax 10g Kettlebell Review – Summary

Bodymax has set the standard for kettlebells. The 10kg example gives you all you need to kick start this popular new fitness method. Buying your kettlebell set online will not only save you a lot of money – you can also have them delivered to your door… potentially saving a lot of hard work! Check out the customer reviews for this item here:

  • Solid kit from Bodymax
  • Full set available, up to 40kg
  • Choice of colours

  • Please ensure you are trained to use this equipment
  • Test Review only

Are you thinking of stocking your home gym? Then one equipment that is an absolute must-have is a kettlebell. These have been in existence for decades and popular among muscle builders. For the beginner, however, the Bodymax 10kg Kettlebell Cast Iron would be perfect for training the arms, abs and back muscles. This gym is pretty light and therefore perfect for when you’re unfamiliar with kettlebells.

It’s a simple gym in design, but there is a lot you can do with one, to be able to maximize its purpose, it’s important to learn various techniques and these can be found in handbooks or in several health and fitness websites. When you’ve become familiar with the gym, you’re going to notice how comfortable it feels in your hand, I particularly like that the handle is wide enough to even hold with both hands. It is also wide so it doesn’t bruise your hand, especially if you have soft hands like me. It’s just an awesome piece of equipment.

The most endearing fact though, is that you can also use it at home; kettlebells don’t need a lot of space and therefore perfect for the home-gym. Sometimes time and weather may prevent you from leaving the house, so this becomes an awesome replacement, maybe you might even fall in love with it and ditch your gym membership altogether.