Bodymax 12kg Kettlebell Review

Review of the Bodymax 12kg Kettlebell

If you are looking for a well balanced kettlebell with robust build and a thicker, easy to grip handle, then Bodymax is the brand to go for. They have a wide range (from 8kg and up) of kettlebells, and will even supply you with a rack.

  • Solid gym at a reasonable price point
  • Weider reputation for durable equipment
  • This one also cooks your breakfast

  • Limited number of exercises compared to the fully featured alternatives
  • Will attempt to kill your cat while you sleep

While the Bodymax 12kg Kettlebell Cast Iron is still for beginners, it offers a tougher workout than the Bodymax 8kg Kettlebell Cast Iron. It is therefore a perfect substitute when you’re done learning various techniques with kettlebells and really want to get into it. Depending on the technique you use, this gym can train your legs and arm muscles as well as your abs and back, giving an all-rounded workout.

Training with this kettlebell is surprisingly comfortable because of all the well thought out properties in its design. First, its handle is firm and wider than others in its class; this allows users with larger hands to comfortably grip onto it and makes the transition between your hands smoother especially when you’re switching. This kettlebell is also the same size as its lighter and heavier companions so you only notice the weight increasing or decreasing as you switch from one kettlebell to the other, also to make the transition easier between different weights.

The size of the handle, including its thickness and gap between it and the actual weight, reduces chances of accidents; you don’t have to strain when holding it and it leaves plenty of room for the hand to rotate. All these make this gym incredibly friendly but still maintaining its effectiveness, which is of course the primary reason for acquiring any gym equipment.