Bodymax 16kg Cast Iron Kettlebell Review

Review of the Bodymax 16kg Cast Iron Kettlebell

You’ll need some experience with kettlebells already before going up to the 16kg level. As with the other weight levels in this Bodymax range, you can be sure of the balance, grip and quality of the build. Why not grab a specially designed rack while you are at it for safe and easy storage?

  • Solid gym at a reasonable price point
  • Weider reputation for durable equipment
  • This one also cooks your breakfast

  • Limited number of exercises compared to the fully featured alternatives
  • Will attempt to kill your cat while you sleep

Bodymax Cast Iron Kettlebell 16kg – the ideal Kettlebell weight?

These are absolutely the best I’ve tried. They are a joy to hold and very comfortable to work out with. The choice of weights is appealing and you can always add to the set later with a higher weight.

I was able to get a vigorous workout using these, they are easy to grip and swing for a nice cardio challenge. There are loads of ways to use them to workout the whole body. I rest them on my knees and perform knee rises, and I use them with feet for leg curling. The shape and size of them is just right for lifting.

Probably the best exercise equipment I ever bought and at great value too. Of course the obvious benefit is the first thing you think of and that’s the great strength in arms and back you can build over a short time by lifting, pushing or swinging these around. Start with two 8kg and work your way up. The weights go up to 40kg so there can be some strong workouts to be had.

After a few weeks I noticed my stamina improve, and muscles strengthened quite a bit. There’s absolutely no assembly or complicated parts, no machinery to move around and I don’t have to be at the gym in 26 minutes either. Overall I prefer these to dumbells, these are brilliant, everyone who exercises needs a set of these.