Bodymax CF610 Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench Review

Summary: A Solid hyper extension bench from BodyMax, work those back muscles with a robust bench that should last you for years. Sturdy, solid and reliable as you’d expect from BodyMax – this bench has some great feedback from previous buyers. You’ll get an easy to assemble bench, that is comfortable has a wide footprint – making it stable too. Check out the pics and that feedback from buyers for yourself on this dedicated product page now!

Bodymax CF610 Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench

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Detailed Review of the Bodymax CF610 Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench

If you’re looking to give your back muscles a complete workout without leaving the house the Bodymax CF610 bench is the perfect choice. Built from solid steel and fitted with a soft knee pad, foot pad and comfortable foam grips, you can complete a range of different exercises with ease. The legs are wide set to ensure stability and no slippage on any surface.

The bench is height adjustable and can easily support people over 6 feet without feeling unsafe or unstable. It’s compact and while it doesn’t fold away it can be stood against a wall and the knee pad is easily removed for separate storage.

Bodymax have a great reputation for building great exercise kit and the CF610 matches the level of quality you’d find at the gym. It is not the cheapest but it’s definitely one of the most durable hyperextension benches you can buy and it will last for years without wear and tear.

Feedback from customers has been good. It’s been especially with those recovering from back injury who’ve seen it boost their levels of mobility in a very short space of time. It’s easy to assemble, sturdy and comfortable to use even for extended periods of time.

Without equipment it’s difficult to find ways to stretch your back muscles at home. If more elaborate benches are out of the question due to limited space and budget, or you’re recovering from injury and looking to ease into exercise then the CF610 is the right choice.

Check out the pics and feedback for yourself – on this product page.

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