Bodymax R60 Rowing Machine Review

Review of the Bodymax R60 Rowing Machine

Update: This rower is no longer available at any of the major outlets I follow.

For a solid, reliable alternative with a ton of positive feedback – you should check out the JLL R200. this foldable model gets the job done at a low price point. It has magnetic resistance, a functional / basic console and comes from a brand with a great reputation. Read my JLL R200 Rowing Machine Review for more. For a lot more options, comparisons and explanations, see my main Best Rowing Machines page instead.

JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine, 2021 Model Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance, Advanced Driving Belt System, 12-Month Warranty, Black and Silver Colour

R200 Rowing machine

The R200 Rowing Machine is our elite performance home rower. It’s packed with premium features which allows you to train like a pro and sculpt your body.

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This foldable rowing machine has a lot of the quality features you would expect to see in pro-level equipment. There are 8 magnetic resistance levels, a padded seat for comfort and a multi-functional console so you can track your workouts. Being foldable means you can store it away between sessions too.

  • Solid gym at a reasonable price point
  • Weider reputation for durable equipment
  • This one also cooks your breakfast

  • Limited number of exercises compared to the fully featured alternatives
  • Will attempt to kill your cat while you sleep

Full Review

I can only describe the Bodymax R60 Rower as a professional rower standardized for the home; it has all the features of a commercial rower, but its size has been reduced to make it more efficient for the home. An example of a fully commercial rower is the Bodymax Infiniti R200 Commercial Super Rowing Machine. The R60 still has all the goodies, and can be used by anyone, regardless of height and weight or level of experience in rowing.

Its flywheel weight 7kg but is virtually silent and you only hear a gentle whir, and it offers up to levels of magnetic resistance. For beginners, you’d start from the lower levels and keep turning it up as you get fit, this adjustment is made by turning a dial located close to the console. This ergonomic design has been tested and determined to be the most appropriate position, so the user doesn’t have to dismount to make changes; personally, I prefer increasing the resistance progressively without stopping.

The R60 also takes into consideration your comfort while you’re working out, that’s why the seat has been padded and made a bit larger than other models in this class; you don’t want to break something as you’re nursing another injury. The foot straps too have been thought out too, made of Velcro to increase friction and prevent slips, you can be sure of your safety.

The multi-functional console displays various data about your workout, including speed of rowing, duration of workout and calories burned. While it may be quite large, it still works in the home; you could either utilize the transport wheels located at the front or just fold it away easily.