Christopeit Cambridge II Rowing Machine Review

Update: Another rower than has been unavailable for a while now…

For a solid alternative with the same elastic cord style resistance, I recommend the Sunny Health and Fitness Electric rower. This has a big, comfortable seat and 4 levels of resistance for a great cardio workout. It it not high-tech, though does come with a basic monitor that counts your strokes, time and gives you a count of the calories burned. Check out my Sunny Fitness Elastic Rowing Machine review for the details.

Sunny Health & Fitness Elastic Cord Rowing Machine - SF-RW5606
Elastic cord resistance with 4 levels of adjustable tension (more…)


Summary: The Christopeit Cambridge II is a solid budget range rowing machine, which (at the time of writing) comes with a giant discount. User feedback is fair for a budget machine, and with 8 resistance levels and a LCD console, it ticks all the boxes in terms of features. You can check out that feedback for yourself (along with the latest discount) on the product page at


Detailed Review of the Christopeit Cambridge II Rowing Machine

This might not be the most attractive piece of fitness equipment out there, though you’ll get a solid and feature-full machine for the price. This rower uses a latex cable system rather than the usual flywheel. You can adjust the resistance, and the feedback on the smoothness of the mechanism has been very positive.

You’ll get a large LCD display on the computer console. You’ll get time, calories, distance and the number of strokes. There is no pulse monitor – though for the low price (especially with the amazon discount) this would not really be expected. One thing you will get is solid German engineering, a definite positive – and another thing which does shine though in the user comments.

Some assembly will be needed, rowing machines are simply too long to be packed ‘ready to row’. The maximum body weight advised is 120kg, which is more than 18 stone.

Here is What Current Owners Say

It looks like the latex / bungee type system took some buyers by surprise. Though comparing a budget home rower to those you find in your local gym (which cost at least 10 times as much) shows a misaligned expectation rather than fair feedback!

Several users commented that they have been using their Cambridge II rowing machine for months and that these are solid and reliable machines. The value for money aspect was clear from several different people. 30 minutes of self-assembly time was noted – which compares well with other rowing machines.

One thing to note is that a taller user (just over 6 foot) gave a five-star review. Many rowing machines at the budget end of the buy-ins do cause problems for taller users – so it is good to see that this is not a concern for this rower.

Summing Up:

A solid (German engineering!) budget rowing machine which uses a latex cord resistance method rather than a chain and a wheel. This keeps things smooth and quiet, and based on the feedback from current owners is reliable over time too.

With the current large discount (at the time of writing), this goes from a decent value lower-mid range rowing machine – to a real bargain!

Check out the product page over at to see that feedback and check the latest discount level for yourself!

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