Christopeit Twist’n Step Pro 1368 Review

Update: This stepper has joined the ‘no longer available’ list. Fortunately, there are some popular alternatives available. The replacement that caught my eye is the Thane Twist N Shape machine. This comes from the same company behind the best selling WonderCore and WonderCore 2. That one is a little more expensive, though there are plenty of floor standing twist steppers around too.

I’ll direct you to my detailed ‘Best Stepping Machine‘ reviews page for all the details.

If this Chrisopeit Item returns, I’ll be back to edit this page and let you know.


Summary: Great value stepper which includes handlebars for stability and inbuilt pulse rate monitors. If you have ever wondered about the stability of those ‘step only’ steppers, then this will solve those balance issues at a very attractive price. See the product page over at for the latest offer!

  • Sturdy design with integrated handlebars
  • Includes pulse rate monitor
  • Half RRP offer at (at time of writing)

  • Unknown brand
  • More expensive than just the floor based steps

Detailed Review of the Christopeit Twist N Step Pro 1386 Stepper

The Christopeit Twist’n Step Pro 1368 Exercise Stepper with handle bars offers a moderate workout for your lower body, that’s the legs, thighs and hips, the inclusion of handlebars that twist as you step have the added function of toning your arms and shoulders, making it a good choice for overall / cardio fitness.

Basically, it feels like jogging in the park, because it feels natural and the treads are very stable. But it isn’t just the treads, the whole body is very sturdy and feels rooted to the floor, no fear of accidentally toppling it, and it is made from good quality steel. The stepping motion is facilitated by 2 hydraulic shock absorbers under the treads which provide the resistance, hydraulics require limited attention to maintain unlike flywheel systems which should be oiled regularly; this makes it efficient for someone who doesn’t have time for maintenance.

Apart from maintenance, it’s also perfect for the home because of the small floor area it requires, so even if you don’t have much room, this gym will work even in the living room, and afterwards you can carry it to storage if you want, 14kg isn’t much. Despite its simplicity, still all necessary gadgets are available, a monitor for indicating time, speed, distance, calories and even heart rate which is relayed from pulse-rate sensors built into the handlebars.

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