Confidence Fitness EPS Treadmill Review

Summary: Confidence Fitness have a popular range of treadmills, which are usually in the budget and lower price ranges. I was intrigued to see the EPS Heavy Duty Motorised Treadmill, which has a bigger frame and a lot more features than options like the GTR and Power Plus. This mid-budget model includes incline options, music player integration, a full colour led display and has a top speed of a healthy 12km / hour. It even looks the part – much more similar to a commercial model than the regular Confidence Fitness treadmills do. You can check the full gallery – including some display close ups – on this dedicated product page.

Confidence EPS Heavy Duty Motorised Treadmill Running Machine

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Detailed Review of the Confidence Fitness EPS Heavy Duty Motorised Treadmill

The Confidence Fitness EPS treadmill is a long way removed from those flimsy budget models. This has a full 120cm by 43cm running surface, and weighs in at a robust 63kgs. The full dimensions are 175 x 74 x 134 cms. It does fold up when not in use – a big bonus for those with limited space.

What caught my eye immediately was the incline options. You can choose 2%, 4%, 8% and 12%. This leaves you ways to get a more vigorous workout, and also helps to vary things. If you have not run on a treadmill using incline before, then you will be surprised at how big a difference this can make!

Physically, this machine has a red and black design, and stubby hand rails. These (along with the safety key) give you the extra safety you need without cramping you in too much. There are speed adjusters on the handlebars, which make it easier to control the speed while you are running.

There is some assembly required. Based on buyer feedback, nobody has reported any difficulties / issues with this.

The maximum recommended user weight is 150kgs, which is more than 23 stone.


You get a colour display (the lower priced treadmills in the Confidence range have simple monochrome ones). This shows the usual speed, distance travelled, time spent running, calories, heart rate (via handlebar monitors) and can scan through the different numbers in sequence.

You’ll also find music players can be plugged in, with smartphones, iPhones and MP3 players all useable. This is another plus compared to the budget models, a bit of music while you run can make a big difference for many of us!

Confidence Treadmill User ReviewsFeedback: What Previous Buyers of the Confidence EPS Treadmill Said

Positive feedback so far for this model, with nobody giving a 1 or 2 star rating (at the time of writing at least!). There are two themes running through several of the comments. These are that this machine was easy to assemble (this can be a sticking point for many products, so that is good news). The other is that this is great value for the price.

I did search for negatives, though the only one there involves a courier on his own… the only 3 star rating simply says ‘ok’.

Overall, this machine does come recommended by previous buyers.

Wrap Up / Next Step

The Confidence Fitness EPS Treadmill is a bigger and better spec’d model than the others in their range. It has some premium features, including hydraulic incline, music player compatibility, a colour display and plenty of preset programs. This model fits the bill for those looking to step up from the flimsy budget models, and get something a little closer to a commercial treadmill – though do not want to break the bank to do so.

Check out this dedicated product page over at now – and see the impressive gallery for yourself.

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