Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate Plus Review

Summary: The Vibration Plate Plus does what its maker, Confidence Fitness, do best – offer a robust and well spec’d piece of kit in a price range that is affordable for the average home fitness enthusiast. When you add in the huge discount (at the time of writing) and small army of satisfied buyers, then you’ll be sure that this thing really works! Check out this product page and see that user feedback for yourself.

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Detailed Review of the Vibration Plate Plus from Confidence Fitness

With vibration trainers being such an established part of the fitness world (and even used / recommended by major athletes), it seems odd that only a decade ago people were questioning whether this worked at all.

You will now find varied workout routines and documented benefits for your posture and even bone density – as well as the obvious effects on your muscle tone.

The Vibration plate plus from Confidence Fitness is a solid machine which can be used by people up to 150KG in weight (that’s almost 300Lbs). This has a full 600 watts of power, and weighs a reasonable 28 KG. Like all Confidence products, setup should be a breeze, and you’ll be training within minutes. I should note that the maker does specify that you need medical advice before using this machine if you do suffer from joint problems.

User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Users have complimented the sturdiness of the setup, and have been surprised about how quickly it has had a positive effect. For example one happy customer lost 3lbs and an inch from her thighs within a week (of course, the results of any one individual should be treated with caution – your own mileage may vary!).

Several other users reported weight loss and noticeable improvement in muscle tone. Ages of the users were certainly varied, with some mentioning that the entire family now uses the machine. One other point that was repeated in the feedback is that this machine is quiet.

Getting the Most from Your Vibration Plate Plus

Instead of a single set exercise format like you will find on treadmills or elliptical trainers – vibration plates give you a lot of flexibility. As a base you just stand still and let this machine shake your muscles, though this is not really getting the most from it. I recommend that after you have got the basics figured, that you have a good look into the wide range of vibration plate exercises which you can do… this machine will keep up just fine as you go from beginner to experienced user!

There are zoomable images of the Confidence Vibration Plate, along with the freshest feedback from owners – see it now over on this dedicated product page now!

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