Confidence Olympic Power Tower V2 Multi Gym Review

Update: This power tower joins the list of ‘currently unavailable’ items. As usual I will keep an eye and update this page as and when it returns. In the meantime here are some alternative power towers to check out:


Summary: Solid frame for a number of body weight exercises from the popular Confidence Fitness. This is a bargain at under £100, a popular choice with decent user feedback – see this product page for more.

  • Value multigym from the popular Confidence Fitness
  • Sturdy enough for body weight exercises

  • Limited scope compared to other multi-gyms

Detailed Review of the Confidence Fitness Power Tower V2 Multi Gym

The power tower from Confidence Fitness is built solidly with an enhanced steel frame and stays put even with excess user weight during use. The bar grips are firm and yet allow a comfortable grip for lifting and pulling. At under £100, you’ll get a solid frame which allows for a lot of free weight and body weight workouts without breaking the bank. Reported as very easy to assemble too – with a lot of positive user feedback.

With the versatile use on offer you can also work in vertical crunches to strengthen abs. The narrow space between the side grips may be too tight for wider users but that is easily worked around and this design means you can face forward and use the grips to vastly improve your back and shoulder exercise.