Confidence Twist Stepper with Ropes Review

Mark’s Update: UltraSport have produced a new stepper with ropes that blows the old confidence fitness one out of the water. For a similar price, you get a console, along with the ability to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Best known for their F-Bikes, UltraSport have a great reputation for quality kit. You can check out their compact stepper over on this dedicated product page – check it out now!

Ultrasport Swing Stepper including resistance bands / Home stepper with wireless training computer – Up-down stepper for beginners and advanced users, small and compact, home gym equipment
The Ultrasport Swing Stepper includes a console with various automatically switchable indications, such as training time, number of steps per minute and calorie consumption… more


Summary: For a bargain price you’ll get a neat stepper with ropes for an upper body workout and a display which counts your steps and calories burned. Ideal for cardio as well as more specific thigh workouts. Solid (though mixed) buyer feedback for this model – see the product page now for the (often entertaining) details!

Detailed Review of the Confidence Twist Stepper with Ropes

This is an small, yet effective piece of fitness equipment that is great for the home.

You’ll get a compact unit with 2 pedals (paddles?) and 2 ropes with handles on the end. There are 3 actions combined. Firstly the standard stepping motion, which is a top-rated cardio / calorie burning activity on its own. Second, you the ropes mean you can work out your upper body (opposite side to the steps you are taking). Thirdly, this unit twists slightly from side-to-side. This forces more muscle resistance as you will naturally brace against the twisting motion.

Combined, these three actions give you a vigorous all-over workout.

The unit is small, just 40.5cm x 35cm x 23cm – a big positive compared to many other types of home fitness equipment. As a great addition for the price, you’ll get a small LCD screen which counts the number of steps, time spent, calories burned and steps per minute – these numbers scan through one after another.

When you keep in mind that this is a budget machine you get a lot for your money.

Feedback from Previous Owners

A real mix, and one thing which stands out is that some people think this is quiet and others think it is noisy. I am really not sure what to make of this, with the only thought being that it might be noisy / wobbly if put together incorrectly? The majority are on the quiet side, and it seems some users larger than the 100kg recommended weight have found the unit to be sturdy enough.

The price is a big factor here, reading the comments for the Twist Stepper makes me wonder exactly what some users were expecting for their £40?

Overall, the Confidence Fitness Twist Stepper has a 4-star+ rating (at the time of writing) – and plenty enough feedback too.

Check out that feedback and gallery for yourself now on the dedicated product page.

  • Great value for kit with screen display and ropes
  • Easy to store away after use

  • Floor model only

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