E-PRANCE Pull Up Exercise Band Review

Summary: Resistance bands do an amazing job of increasing the intensity of your workouts and it’s difficult to look past the E-PRANCE bands. Made of premium Latex, they offer a high level of quality, while the range of bands mean that you’ll certainly find one which is ideal for you! I had to do a double take to verify the current amazon.co.uk discount, which (at the time of writing at least) is at 65% from RRP. Check out the Product Page for details.

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Detailed Review of the ePrance Pull Up Band

The E-PRANCE pull up resistance bands are made of Latex and come in five different resistance ranges, making them suitable for users at all levels of strength and fitness.  These low cost bands are designed for use in a wide range of exercises including deep squats, free weights, physical training and track and field and made of Premium Latex, ensuring the best in elasticity.

The five different bands come with a range of resistance levels. The lowest is red coloured and offers 15 to 35 pounds of resistance, while the black one offers 25 to 65 pounds of resistance.  Next up is the purple band offering 35 to 85 pounds of resistance, while the green band offers between 50 and 125 pounds of resistance. At the top of the range is the blue band offering 65 to 175 pounds of resistance.

The resistance bands come in a range of prices. The bands with the lowest resistance are extremely low priced, coming in at single figures, while even the most expensive of the bands won’t cost more than a round of drinks! Many of these bands come in packs of four or more, whereas you’ll be able to purchase these individually which is certainly easier on the pocket!

One look at the reviews tells its own story. A huge proportion of the buyers awarded the bands the maximum five stars, with an average rating of 4.7 stars, which far surpasses the majority of other fitness equipment.  The word ‘excellent’ is repeated over and over again in the reviews, while ‘versatile’ and ‘portable’ are also regularly used. ‘Strong and Easy to Use’ is another phrase which sums up the fitness bands.

Exercise bands are relatively straightforward pieces of gym equipment but there is no doubt that you should shop around for the best. The E-PRANCE exercise bands offer great value for money, while also giving a high quality workout due to the strength and elasticity found in these bands.

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