Hammer COBRA XT Rowing Machine Review

Mark’s Update: This one disappeared a while ago. In the meantime, there are some excellent German brands appearing in the UK market. Sportstech have some amazing rowers, and the Skandika Nemo IV with its 45-degree water tank is a stunner. I’d suggest the V-Fit Tornado as the closest match with the Cobra. As always, I will keep an eye open in case that model does return.


Summary: Solid rowing machine with smooth / quiet magnetic resistance. You’ll notice the top quality German engineering on this one, and benefit from 10 resistance levels too. A nice choice of mid-range rower with some very satisfied customers – check out the feedback and see the latest discount over on the amazon.co.uk product page.

Detailed Review of the Hammer COBRA XT Rowing Machine

The Hammer COBRA XT Rower is one rower that provides quality and efficiency for any home gym owner.  The Germans have a reputation of buildings cars made to last, this is evident in the aluminum steel frame of the Hammer COBRA XT rower too! The sturdy frame (which explains the product weight of 48kg) guarantees the machine’s longevity even with regular use.

This machine will exercise all your major muscles: upper body and lower body. It is also a machine ideal for both beginners and pros as it has 10 resistance adjustments. Starting from the lowest, beginners can slowly build up their stamina for even more difficult levels. For those who already want intense workouts, the higher levels provide this advantage and the energy required at these high resistance levels works well to tone muscles and burn fat while still offering a great cardio workout. The stabilizers located at both the front and the rear offer enhanced stability and the machine can support users of up to 120kg which is more than for most other machines. People of more than average height don’t need to worry about the fit in this machine as it has amazing full length extension capabilities for people of 6’ and above. While I use it runs smoothly and quietly so users do not need to worry about making a racket.

  • German engineering, sturdy rowing machine
  • LCD Display with tracking / progams
  • 10 Easily adjusted resistance levels

  • Does not fold, heavier model that needs dedicated space

Although not backlit, the multi display LCD computer is a good way of keeping track of the distance, time, calories, consumption and pulse as you work out. With an inbuilt radio impulse sensor receiver, users can opt to buy a radio pulse sensor which is sold separately. The machine is easy to assemble and also fits snugly in a home gym because of its ability to be folded and kept out of the way to create space for other activities. Just to show the confidence that the manufactures have in this machine being a quality rower for home use, it has a 2 year warranty.

Feedback from Previous Buyers of the Cobra XT Rower

What stands out in the comments is a number of previous buyers which say they chose this model after doing extensive research / comparisons online. This gives a big hint that Hammer have managed to get the right feature set at the right price range here (especially with the amazon discount). There are very few 1 and 2 star ratings for this one, which is unusual for the fitness equipment category! Instead you’ll find 5’s and 4’s – with most users extremely happy with their purchase.

Summing Up – A solid, well engineered and versatile rowing machine which packs in a lot of features for the price. When you take into account the amazon.co.uk discount (at the time of writing this is substantial), then the Hammer Cobra XT quickly becomes a top-rated choice. Check out that feedback and discount for yourself now on the Amazon.co.uk product page.

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