Hardcastle Rubber Dumbbell Hex Weight Set Review

Summary: The hexagonal design and the durable and long lasting quality of the Hardcastle dumbbells have proved a hit with all who have used them. With a wide range of weights available they are ideal for all users, at a value for money price too. Very few products have as high a percentage of maximum user ratings at amazon.co.uk – check out the product page here for yourself.

Hardcastle Rubber Dumbbell Hex Weight Set - Choice of Size

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Detailed Review of the Hardcastle Rubber Dumbbell Hex Weight Set

Working out with a dumbbell can have a number of advantages. They are great for people who have limited space, as they can be stored away very easily. They allow for unilateral training, ensuring both limbs do the work, which might not always be the case if using a barbell for example. They are also safer in some respects to a barbell, as they offer more natural movement since your hands aren’t fixed in place, making them more joint friendly. This range of dumbbells by Hardcastle is ideal for all fitness enthusiasts from the beginner to the serious fitness freak.

You’ll find eight different weights in the range offered by Hardcastle, each of these individually priced. For just a few pounds, you could order two of the 1kg dumbbells, these being the lightest in the range. Other weights available are 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg up to a maximum weight of 30kg. You can buy all of these weights as pairs, although you can also purchase the three heaviest individually as well.

The Hardcastle dumbbells are hexagonal in shape and come with a black rubber coating. The steel handles are designed ergonomically making them safer, easier and more comfortable to handle. These items will not crack or fade and are designed to help prevent damage to floors or other equipment, while the hexagonal shape means there’ll be no roll when placing them on a surface.

Buyer Feedback on these Hexagonal Weights

The reviews of these items are exclusively positive, not a single reviewer rating them below 3 stars, while the vast majority sees them as 5 star items. They have been described as well-made and great for training, great in the hand and perhaps most importantly, an accurate weight.

For low cost, value for money dumbbells, the Hardcastle range of weights should certainly be considered. They are easy to handle, can be stored away easily and they won’t roll all over the place when you put them down.

Check out the feedback for yourself now on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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