Jawbone Cease Production of the UP Fitness Trackers

It is hard to be a producer of fitness trackers at the moment. Cheap Chinese imports have cornered the basic end of the market, while the likes of Garmin, Pebble and even Apple complete for the mid to upper segments.

This is thought to be the thinking behind the new decision from Jawbone to cease production of their fitness tracker range. Branded as ‘Up’, these were among the first simple trackers available, looking like simple bracelets without displays. A spokesman from the company stated that their current inventory has been sold to a 3rd party reseller. At the same time, Jawbone is also exiting the speaker business (another area where innovative new products have been quickly commoditized and the prices have plummeted).

Jawbone received $165 million in funding this January, though the overall financial health of the company is not publically available.

What are the Alternatives to Jawbone Trackers?

As always, the correct answer depends on your goals!

If you are a serious runner (or golfer) then the GPS enabled Garmin range is still a premium product and well worth looking into. At the basic end, if you just want to count your steps and keep track of the basics, you can now do this very cheaply with a ‘no brand’ tracker (check Amazon for these, as the feedback does vary).

For me, Fitbit hit that sweet spot. You can get a quality tracker, with a low-energy paper-white display, which has compatibility with many of the leading apps… all for £125 and under. Check out this page which covers the very recent release of 2 new watches and a unique computer from another popular tracker maker – Pebble.

There are some solid discounts on FitBit (and Garmin) watches over at amazon.co.uk – check out this page for the latest offers.

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