Karma Active FitBit Style Activity and Sleep Tracker Review

Update: As is the way with these products, this model is now listed as ‘unavailable’ at amazon.co.uk. Fortunately, there is an even better rec, which has proven to be a best-seller in the budget fitness tracker category. I am now recommending the Letscom Fitness Tracker. This comes with a built-in heart-rate monitor, touch-screen capability, it is water resistant and links to an app on Android or Apple phones. Check out the dedicated product page now for the full spec and (at the time of writing) a healthy discount!

I will keep an eye on the Karma bracelets, to see if they come back!

Summary: Lets face it, the Karma Active sports bracelet is a FitBit knock-off! The question is – how do the functions and price stack up? With step counter, calorie counter, distance, sleep and alarm… plus a neat display – this is one bargain unit. The customer feedback has been excellent, and the price is very small compared to those mainstream brands. You can see the full picture gallery and latest feedback for yourself on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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Detailed Review of the Karma Active Super-Charged Tracking Bracelet

As soon as you see the picture you can tell that this was ‘heavily influenced’ by the FitBit. You’ll get a black rubberised bracelet, with a small monochrome display on the flat top. This is light and comfortable, and adjusts to fit all wrist sizes.

This unit does not soak up much power, and will last up to 7 days on each charge. Even if you forget to charge it you can recharge in 20 minutes. As well as the display, the Karma Active has a vibrate function. This can be used as an alarm, to alert you to incoming calls or to tell you that you left your phone at home!

What the Karma Active Tracks

Step counting is the main function, via the built in pedometer. Feedback suggests that this is accurate (even without a GPS). In addition the display will show you how many calories you have burned and the distance you have covered.

Sleep tracking is an extra function. This unit not only tracks the time spent sleeping, it is able to differentiate deep sleep from light sleep (cycles). You can even use it as an alarm to wake you up in the morning. Another alarm type function which many people find useful is the ‘sedentary alert’. This will notify you if you have not moved for more than a certain time (you set). For example it can vibrate every 30 minutes you have been sat still watching the TV. This is a timely reminder to get up and get your blood circulating!

You can connect this device to your iPhone or Android phone. This is how you will keep track of your data and set the different alarms.

It comes with a full 12-month warranty too.

User Feedback on the Karma Active Sports Bracelet

At the time of writing this tracker is around £15 (see amazon.co.uk for the latest price, as these can change). The comments are largely very positive… though I am still scratching my head that many people seemed to think they were getting a state-of-the-art smart-watch of FitBit for this price!

The theme which comes through in the feedback is that this is a great value unit. Many people call this a great starter tracker. I can see the appeal to people who are not sure that these trackers are for them. At this budget price you can give it a try without breaking the bank.


To me this price is crazy for the amount of functionality you get. Sure, it is a copy of a premium product and not the real deal – though with a 12 month warranty and all the main tracking functions included, you really can’t go wrong.

Check out the user feedback and full picture gallery for yourself now on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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