Kettler Cross M Cross Trainer Review

Mark’s Update: The JLL CT300 is an amazing substitute for the Axos, which has been ‘unavailable’ for a long time now. JLL not only produce amazing equipment, this UK-based brand has an amazing reputation for after sales service too.


You can read my detailed review of the JLL CT300 elliptical here.

Summary: Kettler kit is always worth checking out, and this elliptical sits between their usual mid-budget equipment and the cheaper budget manufacturers. You’ll find a great spec for your money, including sensors and progress tracking between workouts. Check out the latest deal on this item over at now!

  • Kettler brand (solid, trusted name)
  • Great price considering the build / spec
  • Tracks your progress between workouts

  • 16inch stride length (some taller people prefer more)

Detailed Review of the Kettler Cross M Cross Trainer

This machine sits between the budget models and the mid-price ones, though features-wise it is closer to the mid-range ellipticals. Once assembled it really is as simple as hopping on and getting going, you don’t have to input any information or go through any setup at all, which was great. The LCD display shows all relevant information at all times, so it’s very easy to keep track of your progress at all times.

The resistance is adjusts manually, but don’t let that put you off – it really is a quick and effortless process. The maximum setting is pretty intense and will take a while to get to, the first is nice and relaxed and a great starting point for a newbie. Your pulse is also tracked via hand sensors.

The recovery test is a really cool feature to keep things fun. It monitors your workouts every time you use the machine and will produce a fitness rating for you to see how well you’re doing. This is a great motivational tool, as you are always striving to increase your rating.

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