Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower Review

Update: Another model change!

No more ‘premium’ on the Kettler page… I recommend the ‘Stroker’ instead.

While the name sounds like something more suitable for cats, the spec of the Kettler Stoker is excellent. This includes 8 levels of magnetic resistance, and a robust frame.

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Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine
Single Handle Rowing Style; Console: LCD Monitor Display + Sweat Resistant Key Pad (more…)


Summary: Kettler has a reputation for creating some of the best home fitness equipment around, and this magnetic rowing machine is a great example. Nice additions include pivoting foot plates and continual pulse rate monitoring. Solid feedback for this machine and a small but welcome discount too at the time of writing (see the product page for the latest offer).

Detailed Review of the Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower

This quality home rowing machine has 8 resistance level and is suitable for both beginners and pros. The adjustable resistance levels allow a user to choose what level of difficulty they want to workout at. For beginners a lower level works best and they can gradually increase the resistance as they build endurance.

The LCD display displays time taken, distance, energy expended, number of strokes and pulse rate. The pulse rate can be taken by an ear clip which is included for heart rate monitoring, you can also get a chest belt but this has to be bought separately.

The ball bearing mounted on the seat ensure smooth rides while rowing and has a rope pull system for operating the magnetic brake system. To reduce the risk of injury the foot plates are Pivotable and the frame sturdy enough to support 130 kg. The adjustable foot rests accommodate even users taller than 6’ and yet the whole machine can be folded in order to create space in the room. It can also be moved from place to place easily because of the fitted wheels.

Pros and Cons of Kettler Rowers

  • Kettler’s great reputation
  • Solid rower with extra features
  • Suitable for heavier users

  • Mid-range price point

The smooth and quiet action of the Kettler Premium magnetic rower ensures that it can be used at any time of the day without worry of causing noise for others in the vicinity. This also means you can incorporate music or watch videos during your routine. The LCD monitor uses AA batteries and therefore doesn’t require you to plug it in to the mains.

Feedback has been very good, with the quality of the build coming in for praise from several different buyers – as was the quietness of the mechanism. One commenter even waited 8 months (using this rowing machine 3 times each week) so he could feed back accurately over the long-term. That certainly shows a lot of dedication, and you’ll be pleased to hear that even after all this time he gave the Kettler Premium Magnetic Rower a top 5-star rating.

Check the feedback from current owners and the latest discount over on the dedicated product page at now!

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