Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine Review

Summary: The Stroker Rower is a great looking mid-priced rowing machine from the Kettler range. This model has been compared favourably with far more expensive home rowers. It folds for easy storage, and has 8 magnetic restistance levels. Check the feedback and latest (small though welcome) discount for yourself on the dedicated product page over at

Kettler Stroker Rowing Machine

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Detailed Review of the Kettler Stroker Rower

Kettler are well known for their range of superior quality mid-range home fitness equipment, and the Stroker rowing machine fits in with their range perfectly. This machine has distinctive good looks for a start, being white rather than the usual black / metallic. Users have complimented this model on the build, with a max 130kg (more than 20 stone) user weight making it ideal for those at the start of their weight loss journey. Don’t let the smaller (4kg) fly wheel put you off, there is plenty enough resistance for more experienced rowers.

Many people have compared this model favourably with the more expensive Concept 2 rower which is more than double the price.

With heart rate measurement, sweat resistant key pad (important!) and 8 stages of magnetic resistance – there are all the features you need for a long-term commitment. Rowing machines can take a lot of space, and this one pivots / folds – another plus for many people.

Feedback from Current Owners

There are only a couple of negative reviews of the Kettler Stroker. Both of these came from the rope snapping. While this is far from ideal, this fitness machine does come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty which will cover this. Quietness and quality are the points that stand out for the reviews in general. One commenter stated 40 minutes to get the pieces from the box and have the machine ready to row. Several people reported heavy use of this machine with no issues.

Great looks with a great price for a top quality machine – check out the Stroker Rower at amazon for yourself now!

  • Distinctive white good looks!
  • Full spec rower at mid-range price
  • Highly regarded Kettler Brand

  • No instruction manual (though the bolts are in order!)

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