Kinetic Sports LDBS60 60kg Barbell Set

Summary: Designed for both the beginner and the more advanced fitness enthusiast, this good value barbell set is ideal for home use. With eight different weight discs, you can train exactly the way you want to. Solid feedback from buyers for this item – check out the product page for more.

Kinetic Sports LDBS60 Barbell Set 60 kg (4 x 10 kg, 2...

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Detailed Review of the Kinetic Sports LDBS60 60kg Barbell Set

Exercising with a barbell means that you’ll be easily able to add resistance to core exercises and therefore intensify your training, while also strengthening the core. They also act as an ideal piece of gym equipment as the exercises can be performed anywhere, be that in the home, the garage or even in the garden.  This Kinetic Sports Barbell Set is offers a good mix of different weights, the different combinations of these weights ensuring nice variety in your workout, all of this coming in at a low budget price.

This barbell set starts off with the chrome bar which has a good length of 168cm (made up of three single poles bolted together) while a solid 25mm in diameter. This comes with two mounting locks to keep the weight discs in place and finally the weights themselves. There are eight discs in total – four weighing 10kg, two weighing 5kg and the final two with a weight of 2kg, the weight supplied by a combination of sand and concrete in the discs.

This 60kg set is reasonable in price when compared to other sets which you can purchase with a similar weight. The barbell discs in this set come with a plastic casing, making them perfect for home use as they won’t scratch the floor. You’ll also find instructions with this set to aid you in your work out plans.

Feedback on this Kinetic Sports Barbell Set

Reviews of the item are generally positive. The quality of the item in relation to the price was praised on more than occasion, while it was also described as perfect for both beginners and advanced users. Some said there was a slight bend in the bar at times and that the weights might need to be re-screwed sometimes, although most issues seemed to be regarding the delivery of the product, as opposed to the product itself.

This Kinetic Sports barbell set is good value for money and makes for an ideal lifting set for a wide range of fitness enthusiasts. With eight barbell discs, you can increase or decrease the intensity of the workout quickly and easily, while it won’t take up a whole load of room either.

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