Maxima Fitness MF-2000 ProFX Treadmill Review

Update: This item is no longer available… In fact Maxima Fitness have disappeared from Amazon (and Google!). I’ll keep an eye open for when / if they return, in the meantime the place to check for great alternatives is my main Best Home Treadmills page.


Summary: A 20km / hour top speed sets this home treadmill apart, along with nice extras like the holders for weights and auto-incline. Mid-range price belies the pro level spec on this treadmill. If you are serious about running, this could be one for the shortlist. No surprise to see excellent user feedback for this model, check out the product page now at for more!

  • 20km/hour top speed
  • Auto-incline feature
  • Sturdy model, with weight holders too

  • Is 20km / hour really needed??

Detailed Review of the Maxima Fitness MF2000 Pro FX Endurance B Auto Incline Folding Treadmill

Very high end treadmill adapted for home use without losing all its commercial features.

The MF2000-ProXF Endurance is the next step up from the great MF2000-ProFX machine. It has an impressive top speed of 20km/h, so it can give even the most dedicated a run for their money. The worry with high speed home treadmills is stability. It’s all well and good getting to 20km/h, but it’s useless if you’re not stable and feeling safe. Maxima have taken care of this though, the running deck is large, really large, so people of all shapes and sizes will feel at ease on top of it at speed. On top of that, it is cushioned in 8 different points, which will help reduce noise as well as protecting your joints.

The endurance model boasts 99 training programs pre-set for you, tailored to specific goals and challenges. These will help you improve your stamina; help you burn fat; build up your speed; work on long distance running; work you through interval circuits; hill running and many more. If that wasn’t enough there is enough space for three more programs, these are pretty much a blank canvas for you to develop into a workout specifically for you.

This machine has handy training weights that can be used while walking or running to push your body that little bit more. You can play your music via the built in speakers through whatever MP3 player or phone you have.

As you can see this is a serious machine, capable of everything you would want in a home treadmill and then some!


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