Maxima Fitness MF 2000 Speedster Treadmill Review

Update: This item is no longer available… I’ll keep an eye open for when / if it returns, in the meantime the place to check for great alternatives is my main treadmill reviews page.

A super-hot high-end alternative to the Maxima MF2000 is the SportsTech F75… hint, its all about the German Engineering!

Summary: Top of the range treadmill from Maxima Fitness with weights included, a huge 99 programs and a really solid build. No surprise to see very positive customer feedback at for this model.

  • Pro level treadmill (no doubt at all!)
  • 99 Programs
  • Weights + entertainment system built in

  • Heavy, you will not want to move it often

Detailed Review of the Maxima Fitness MF2000 Speedster Treadmill

The automatic incline works excellently and the console panel responds well during exercise use. The levels of incline are impressive so that the machine really burns fat and tones leg muscles. This isn’t just a treadmill, Maxima have included a genious idea of providing dumb bells mounted on to the side of the machine so you can work on upper arm strength while running or walking.

There is plenty of running space on the belt area and it handles well for my weight (120kg). Everything runs smoothly and for the most part it is fairly quiet. You can work out in confidence on this knowing that the safety cord attachment will prevent hazards.

Do take notice, this is a workhorse and very heavy so get some help to move it and assemble it.

The programmes are pretty intensive and alternate between speed runs and inclined runs. After 20 minutes running I was done and felt the effects of a good workout session. I love listening to music while I run so the onboard speakers are a nice feature and the sound quality is fairly good. The pulse monitor works effectively and the display shows at a glance all the speed, calories, time and distance you could ever want to know.

Overall it is a truly impressive machine, and I feel the higher price of this is completely justified for the solid quality of the steel bars and the support of the cushioned running belt.


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