New Smart Watches from Pebble

Pebble got their start through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter – and has returned to that platform to launch 3 brand new products in 2016. There are two new smartwatches, which now include heart rate monitors and GPS (making them perfect for Fitness Review readers!). In addition Pebble has launched a non-watch device in the form of the ‘Core’. This has got the attention from the press as it is an innovative item. Think a small android computer in a shape of a grey square. This runs apps, tracks and plays music too.

First up, here is what to expect from the new smart watches:

Pebble 2 Smart Watch

What makes the Pebble’s stand out is their use of e-ink in their display. Compared to using computerized displays, this is easy on batteries – allowing up to a week on a single charge for the cheaper of the two new watches, Pebble 2.

There are also a lot of in-built features.

These include Sleep monitoring, a heart rate monitor and step counter. A nice extra is a built in microphone, which you can use to make notes / take reminders while you are working out. The watch is also water resistant.

Pebble Time 2 Smart Watch

This is a bigger and better featured model, with an amazing 10 days of battery life. The screen is a higher resolution (noticeably better). All the extras including the microphone are included in this watch too. You will need to wait an additional 2 months to get hold of this one.

Pebble Core

A running tracker with no display might seem unusual, though I have to say the idea and functionality is excellent! This runs many popular apps including Strava, Run Keeper and Google Fit. It also doubles up as an MP3 player (you’ll need a heavy and expensive watch to get this kind of functionality).

What is interesting about this device is that the operating system is open to developers. This means we could see some interesting / unique apps created for the Core over the coming months. At around $70 this device is great value too.

Comparing Pebble to Other Sports Watches

These days, sports watches (and fitness gadgets in general) is a competitive area – with innovations from the big players like FitBit and Garmin coming along all the time… plus clones from Asia flooding the cheaper end of the market. This has to be good for the users, though can make it unclear what devices to go for. For me, Pebble makes a solid choice, their eInk screens and long battery life, combined with app connectivity give you everything you need for a very reasonable price.

At the moment the new watches are available on KickStarter only.

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