New Dating App for Fitness Enthusiasts

SWEATT is a brand new dating app aimed at fitness fans. At the moment this app only covers New York, though the expectation is that it will expand throughout the US and then worldwide soon. This is apparently similar to Tinder, in that you get a list of potential dates based on your location and preferences. You then swipe them and if you get a match then you can chat on the app and take it from there.

One key factor (other than getting to choose gym times and different types of fitness activity) is that you can display a full-body photo and not just a mugshot. The idea here is that this will give fitness fans a chance to show off what they have achieved!

Whether this app takes off or not remains to be seen. One media outlet did comment that it has to beat chatting up that fellow gym goer while you are all sweaty though!

You can download the SWEATT app via the Apple iTunes Store