NutriChamp Leather Skipping Rope Golden Stallion Review

Summary: Premium quality skipping rope with beautifully designed wooden handles. The ‘secret sauce’ with this one is the bearings. A lot of positive feedback from users for this item, check the product page for more.

Golden Stallion – skipping rope with ball bearings and weights – leather...

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Detailed Review of the Golden Stallion Skipping Rope from NutriChamp

If you’re one to insist on quality, the Leather Skipping Rope Golden Stallion by NutriChamp® with wooden handle is the gym for you. Each of these skipping ropes has been meticulously handcrafted to make it unique and of very high quality. The main purpose hasn’t been foregone, however, with it you will still get an amazing cardio workout and then some. It can be used by anyone regardless of their height because the length of the rope can be adjusted thanks to the Allen key accompanying the package.

The build quality makes this skipping rope stand out, being crafted from real wood that has been treated to last longer, and a genuine leather rope for the actual skipping; it feels great to hold and you will definitely be excited to show it off. Besides looks, the rope’s rotation is smooth thanks to the ball bearings within the handle that allow for the motion. Also, if you want to take it a notch higher, there are additional weights that could be attached to the handle to make the workout that much more intensive.

It’s a great gym to have for your personal use, and this is aided by the Ziploc bag it arrives packed in. furthermore, you get a complimentary PDF with your purchase which guides you on the various techniques you could use with the rope. You really won’t need another skipping rope once you have this!

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