Olympic 2000 F4H 7080 Home Gym Review

Summary: The Olympic 2000 F4H 7080 home gym is a budget model which offers a full-body weights workout for a lot less than comparable models. While it might not have the stylish looks of a Marcy or BH gym – the F4H is sturdy and versatile. There is a 100lbs (45kg) stack included, so no need to buy separate weights. You’ll find coverage of all the main muscle groups. Feedback has been very positive. The central message from previous buyers of the Olympic 2000 Fit 4 Home is that you get a lot of gym for the money.

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F4H Olympic 7080 Multi Gym Home Workout Station Strength Training Body Building

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Detailed Review of the Olympic 2000 F4H 7080 Home Multi-Gym

You’ll get a big, solid and well-spec’d home gym which weighs in at a total of just over 93kgs when assembled. Like all home multi-gyms, you’ll need to assemble the pieces. I recommend 2 people for this. I also recommend you think about the flooring first (much harder afterwards!).

When assembled this unit is 211cms tall. It is just over 1 meter wide (108cms) and measures 168cms from front to back. I like the solid steel bars, with a grey colour – the safety cover for the rear weight stack is also notable.

Like almost all home gyms of this type, you won’t be able to add weight. The 100lb stack will be plenty enough for most workouts. The padding on the seat and back rest is thick compared to similar items.

Fit 4 Home 7080 Gym: Workouts Guide

Everything from a chest press to leg curls are possible on this budget home gym, which crams in a lot of possibilities. Here is the base list:

Let’s start with the chest, you’ll find a chest press, and pec-dec. The arms are independent, helping with making sure you work both sides equally. Note the padded grips each side. Arms have several additional options, an arm pad, pull downs and preacher curls are all possible.

No excuses for skipping leg day with the Olympic 2000 7080. These is a leg extension built in. You can also work abs and core on this model.

With the weight stack changeable in 4.5kg increments, there should be plenty enough resistance to keep you going as your strength improves.

A final note: You will get a 1-year warranty with the 7080.

Buyer Feedback 7080 Home Gym

Feedback: What Previous Buyers of the Fit 4 Home 7080 Home Gym Said?

Home gym buyers are notoriously hard to please, so the positive feedback on this item should be seen in that context!

I always look for an overall theme in the comments. Here, the discount (at the time of writing) at amazon.co.uk was a factor. It was mentioned that at the price, you get an excellent gym. With the full price tag, the value might go down from excellent to just good.

Assembly always catches people out, and naturally some people struggle. Some solid advice can be found in the comments concerning setup and organisation of the assembly. Most people were very pleased with the 7080, commenting that the gym was solidly built and had plenty enough resistance for a home model.

New comments are added every week, so make sure you at least scan them on the dedicated amazon page before you make your final decision.

Wrapping Up: The Fit 4 Home 7080 Home Multi-Gym a Versatile Bargain?

Discounts do come and go, though at the current price you’d be getting a lot of gym for a bargain price. Sure, you’ll need to assemble it – and have a space big enough that your 7080 won’t be needing to move too often.

On the plus side, you get a lot of exercises in one unit, and that 100lb (45kg) weight stack is more than enough for these.

Check out the pictures (including close ups) and check that latest discount for yourself now!

Dedicated amazon.co.uk product page for the Olympic 2000 F4H 7080 Home Multi-Gym

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