Olympic Belt Bike Fit4Home Exercise Bike Review

Summary: The Olympic Fit4Home Exercise bike is about as cheap as you’ll find a home bike with variable resistance and a digital display. For less than £50 (at the time of writing) you really can’t expect something that resembles the pro spinning bikes in your local gym. This value bike is great for those who just want to get started with home exercise, once put together you’ll have a calorie burning machine that you can hop onto whenever the mood strikes. Please, don’t expect a classy, stable and great looking exercise bike – this is a great value ‘cheap and cheerful’ machine. You can see the buyer feedback (considering the price, some of it is quite entertaining!), plus the latest amazon.co.uk discount over on the Fit4Home Exercise Bike Product Page.

  • Very cheap, you will not find a bike for much less!
  • Includes a digital display
  • Easy to assemble

  • Not the most sturdy model
  • Lacks monitors / entertainments


Detailed Review of the Fit4Home Olympic Belt Exercise Bike

This machine is priced at the super-budget end of the range. Don’t let the price fool you, this bike is no slouch. It is lightweight and compact making it easy to move around your home, the resistance is fully capable of giving any beginner a serious workout and to stay with you as your fitness improves.

The on-board computer is great providing feedback on distance travelled, time elapsed, speed and calories consumed. The ‘Scan’ feature on the digital display will give you a quick overview or snapshot of all of the readings at once meaning you can keep abreast of this data during your workout without the need to touch a button.

The bike comes in a choice of colours and is super simple to set up.

Feedback from Previous Buyers on the Confidence Fitness Budget Belt Exercise Bike

There were some complaints, squeeky came up a little and as usual there were a lot of complaints on the self-assembly requirement (you need to do this for almost all bikes, and someone always complains!). A lot of the five-star feedback was from people who seemed to understand that they were at the bargain basement end of the price ranges. This kind of feedback complimented what you get for the money (a bike, computer display and delivery). Many others really did seem to think that for around £50 they would get something top-quality. Maybe the adverts are to blame, though for me it felt like unrealistic expectations.

I recommend you look though the feedback yourself, and if you choose this model to stay realistic in your expectations.

Check out that entertaining buyer feedback and latest discount over on the product page at amazon.co.uk now!

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