Olympic DK-19 Endeavour Treadmill Review

Summary: The Olympic DK-19 Endeavour Treadmill caught my eye for an unusual reason. Normally, to get a machine with built in shock absorption, you need to head to the mid to high price brackets. This one is at the lower end of mid-range (when you include the discount at amazon.co.uk (*at the time of writing of course!)). You get a very solid 14km / hour treadmill, which folds up and has manual incline possibilities for a competitive price. Feedback has been solid too. You can check out that latest discount and see the picture gallery on this dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

Olympic DK-19 Endeavour Auto Lubricating Motorised Folding Treadmill - Black

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Detailed Review of the Olympic DK-19 Endeavour Motorised Treadmill

When you compare this treadmill with others from the same price bracket, you can’t help but notice it looks a lot surdier. It is a heavy model with a large area for the buttons and display, safety arms holds and a good sized running surface too. It will fold up at an angle. This machine is too big to fold vertically, though you will save a lot of space this way. There is a side-on picture of it folded up at amazon.

The main feature compared with the many other treadmills available is the shock absorption feature. This has 6 levels, and uses a dual-layered support under the running surface. A 110k maximum user weight is advised – with the double-layer supporting more weight than on a regular treadmill.

14 km / hour is plenty enough even for regular runners. You can start with walking pace, or choose interval training. Incline is up to 5%, though you will have to do this manually. Most lower mid-price treadmills do not have incline at all, so overall this is a plus.

There are 12 preset programs available via the LCD monitor. You can operate manually, moving the speed up and down as you run. You’ll have the regular line-up of displays. These are for time, speed, distance travelled, heart rate (via monitors in the hand rails) and calories burned. There is even a port for USB connections. The Olympic DK-19 has speakers, and supports Mp3 play.

What Previous Buyers Said About the Olympic DK19 Endeavour?

Solid feedback so far for this model. I noticed that all of the comments which focus on the machine itself are 5 star (again, at the time of writing). The comments which are lower focus on delivery and in one case repair. One somewhat entertaining comment talks about ‘the audacity to send a local technician’ (I think this person expects the CEO of Olympic to turn up, spanner in hand!).

Back to the main theme… people mention the size and sturdiness of this machine over and over. Yes, it is bigger than many other home models, though this appears to have benefits in terms of reliability. Several family focused comments, it feels like this model is a good fit for everyone.

Conclusion / Next Steps

Shock absorbers are something I normally associate with far more expensive treadmills than this one. Protection for your knees is a big plus for runners of all experience levels. Add in the other extras, large size and even built in speakers – and you have a model which could turn out to be a real bargain buy!

Check out the latest discount, gallery and feedback now on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.

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