Onnit to Release Marvel Themed Fitness Equipment

One look at the new Captain America barbell weights should be enough to see the potential in a new venture from US fitness equipment manufacturer Onnit. They have teamed up with Disney, who own the Marvel films franchise, to create a range of fitness equipment with a Marvel theme.

The barbells, which have the familiar star and red circle pattern which Captain America uses for hit shield / disc are just the start. At the moment ideas for the rest of the range are being kept under wraps – with only an e-mail signup to get more info on the rest of the releases available over at https://www.onnit.com/marvel/

For me there is a more serious message here. Taking fitness equipment and adding popular culture idea has to be a positive thing. This is bound to encourage more people to take those first steps into getting fit and healthy. As I am sure that Fitness Review readers already know, once people feel those first effects – the relationship with fitness can last for life.

More about Onnit

Primal Kettlebells from OnnitSince I had not heard of Onnit, I went to check out their site and their general offerings. Over on Amazon.co.uk you can already by their supplements which are hemp based. Their website reveals that they go way beyond whey – with brain training mixes, vitamin supplements and even concoctions for sleep.

There is also a range of Kettlebells in the Onnit catalogue – including the product pictured below, primal kettlebells. These are not currently available in the UK, though I very much hope to see them soon – talk about adding a little extra to an otherwise ordinary Kettlebell routine!

Taking the Fitness + Film Theme One Step Further

Marvel fitness equipment is a great starting point, though how many films can you think of which could also be tied in with this? Here are some (random) ideas to get started with!

Star Wars: How about a Chewbacca weight lifting belt which makes that trademark roaring noise when it feels you making a lift?

Lord of the Rings: I am sure some exercise classes could be based around fighting with wizard staffs.

Pirates of the Caribbean: This would work best for rowing machines, how about a program where you are trying to escape from a ghost ship… complete with soundtrack and ‘arrrgh’ pirate noises.

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