PedalPro Cardio Exercise Bike Review

Update: No sign of this bike any more… it looks like PedalPro stuck with what they do best – turbo trainers.

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Summary: The first thing you’ll notice about the PedalPro Cardio Exercise bike is that it is yellow! It actually looks great, with the forward pointing pro ‘triathlon’ style handlebars adding to the distinctive look. This is a newer model, though the buyers so far have been impressed with its sturdiness and build quality. With rotary resistance adjustment, a built in heart-rate monitor and fully adjustable seating / handlebar configurations you’ll probably be surprised that this PedalPro model is firmly in the budget price range. Check out the product page at for the full details.


Detailed Review of the PedalPro Cardio Exercise Bike

You’ll get a very sturdy and well-built bike for your money with this model – and a great looking one too. This looks more like the spinning bikes you’d find in a gym than a ‘traditional’ home exercise bike. While the spec includes everything you need to get fit, you should not expect the complex computer or fans / entertainment systems of the high-end kit.

For the budget price you will get a heart-rate monitor (via sensors in the handlebars). This measures your heart rate, which is just one of the options you can have displayed on the LED screen. Others include time working out, speed, calories burned and of course distance.

The forward facing handlebars are adjustable, so you will not necessarily need lean forward while you cycle. Both the handlebars and the saddle are adjustable, giving you plenty of options for finding a comfortable position. The advised maximum weight is 125kg (just short of 18 stone). Rotary resistance is noted as a feature, though this really means that you turn a knob to increase / decrease the resistance levels! The flywheel is a full 13kg, which is better than on most exercise bikes you can buy at this price level.

What Previous Buyers Said

I’m covering this model when it is new, so the buyer feedback has not yet had time to collect. Early feedback has been very positive (mostly 5 stars). The themes that come from these comments are ‘sturdy’ and ‘good value’. Many budget end exercise bikes do suffer from being lightweight and flimsy – though the PedalPro is a far more robust bike. As a side note there are wheels to help you move it around.

There have not been any complaints about delivery / broken parts as yet… eventually there will be some and I will update this page depending on how the manufacturer manages to respond.

One more note, this company are innovative… as well as producing the PedalPro Cardio Exercise bike they also produce this device, which turns your regular bike into an exercise bike. Not for everyone, though I like the concept!

PedalPro Bike – Wrap-up

This bike looks great, and is ideal for anyone sick of the same old drab home fitness equipment on sale these days. You’ll get a very solid bike, with heart monitor and LED display for a very much budget end price. Check out the (solid) customer feedback and full spec for yourself now over at the product page.

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