Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch Review

Summary: Fitness watch for gym (indoor) use which connects with many machines. Tracks the type of activity (fat burn for example) as well as the standard hear rate and calories. Reasonably priced for the function and from the popular / trusted Polar brand.

Polar Ft7 Sports Watch

Tracks activity type and goals along with heart rate and calories burned

Detailed Review of the Polar PT7 Sports Watch

Without doubt the best feature of the FT7 is the fact it determines and displays which training zone you’re in. This is very important depending what you’re wanting to get out of your training. So, for example it will tell you if you are improving your fitness – cardio, endurance or stamina or it will tell you if you’re in the fat burning zone. This enables you to be more focused with your workouts and not waste your energy in the wrong zone.

The free training diary is another great feature, all of your sessions and data will be logged for you to look at and analyse. You can see how well you have been doing or identify areas for improvement.

The Polar system is a market leader and many of the machines in gyms will work with your watch and chest strap to deliver much more accurate results than the built in pulse sensors in most machines.

Overall this is a great quality product that will help you track and improve your general fitness.