ProForm 425 ZLX Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Update: This model is no longer available… While there are other Proform recumbent bikes, the feedback so far is either lower or not present. As a close replacement, the V-Fit G-RC caught my eye. This has a similar spec to the 425 ZLX, and the price point is even lower. Check out the dedicated product page for the impressive spec.

V-fit G-RC Recumbent Magnetic Cycle

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Summary: Lower priced recumbent exercise bike with some nice features including monitoring, flexible setups and 18 different settings through the screen. ProForm are a proven manufacturer, and for me this is an ideal entry-level recumbent bike at under £300.

  • Recumbent bike, same workout with extra comfort
  • Adjustable to suit all shapes / sizes
  • 18 workouts covering fat-burn / performance

  • Entry level kit, no advanced features
  • Bulkier / heavier than some bikes

Detailed Review of the ProForm 425 ZLX Recumbent Exercise Bike

The dual grips used for heart rate monitoring are a nice little additional touch included with the 425 model bike and are novel to use just for finding out your heart rate during different intensity cycle workouts, or if you want to carefully monitor your rate over time.

There are 9 fat-burn workouts and 9 performance workouts included – plenty enough for even the most frequent users.

With the adjustable seat bar you can slide the saddle forward or back for better comfort which is really appreciated. The seat is relatively comfortable which is important to me and probably several others who intend to spend a great deal time on the bike. There are a lot of program settings for difficult workouts which is good because it makes you feel you have something to work towards and really work improve calf muscles and transform thighs.

I was happy with the socket to allow music playback from connected devices and the quality is quite okay. This is a great value machine Mostly I’m impressed with the comfortable and sturdy balanced support and the machine handles well even with more rigorous use. The Proform 425 is a good all round exercise bike and operates well with little or no issues.

Comes with free delivery to the UK and a 2 year warranty.

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