Reebok S1 Exercise Bike Review

Update: This model is no longer available. You will find several new models from Reebok, and many other ‘spinning’ type cycles which are similar in both spec, build and price range to this one. Here are my suggestions:


Summary: This exercise bike looks different to anything else out there, almost futuristic. Underneath these good looks you’ll find a versatile mid-price machine with a 14kg flywheel (great for steady resistance). Fully adjustable vertically and horizontally for all shapes and sizes too. A great looking machine – check it at now!

  • Sleek and Futuristic good looks from Reebok
  • Fully adjustable for all shapes and sizes
  • Programmable

  • Mid-range price may be above some people’s price range

Detailed Review of the Reebok S1 Exercise Bike

The Reebok S1 is designed for fitness fanatics in need of a high quality cardio workout. It features a sleek, ergonomically designed frame with a professional black and blue painted finish. The bike has been engineered with all sizes in mind and has horizontally and vertically adjustable seat and handlebars, adjustable pedal straps and floor level adjusters so you can keep the bike stable on any surface. The handlebars are smooth, easy to grip and are fitted with pulse sensors.

With a 14 kg precision flywheel you can expect a smooth ride every time and the comfortable padded seat supports cycling positions such as seated flat, standing flat, seated climb, standing climb and jumps, ensuring a thorough workout of your leg and core muscles.

The bike is built with 32 levels of resistance enabling you to push your endurance levels and the 12 pre -set exercise programs allow you to complete varied and challenging cycles each session.

An onboard LCD computer measuring a compact 8cm x 5cm allows you to measure speed, distance, time elapsed, pulse, calories consumed and watts. Using the pulse sensors in the handlebars you’re able to set a target heart rate and the resistance levels will automatically change as you peddle to keep you within the range you set.

Reebok are a top name in sports and fitness and well know for quality equipment. The S1 bike is no exception. It’s expensive compared to other models, but the sheer quality of this bike justifies the cost. It will last longer and leave you with less aching muscles, particularly if you’re planning to ride every day. The onboard computer is top of the range and has all the setting even a top athlete would need for a great workout.

Feedback has been great. People have all noted the comfort and ease of use, the great range of preset exercise programs and the fact that it can support high speeds and intense workouts.

For those seeking a great exercise bike for some intense cardio burns, the Reebok S1 has all the features you need and will make a good looking addition to your home gym.