Shinap Fitness Tracker Review

Mark’s Update: Some fantastic products are appearing in the fitness tracker space. The original Shinap trackers are now gone. The good news is that you can now get a smart watch for the same price that a bracelet with mono screen used to cost.

The best-seller in this category is this colour screen watch from Tenmice. It is a cross between a fitbit and an Apple Watch, for a crazy low price. You can track activity and sleep, plus it will synch with your phone for alerts. Hugely positive feedback for this model, check out this dedicated product page for the full spec now!

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Summary: For an activity tracker at a budget price, the Shinap Fitness Tracker watch fits the bill. It will monitor the number of steps, the distance travelled and the calorie burn on a daily basis, synching to your smartphone or computer device for easy monitoring of your progress. This is a lower cost version of some popular big brand trackers, and you’ll get a lot of functionality for a small price. This is helped by the huge discount at at the time of writing. Check the product page to see the latest deal.

Detailed Review of the Fitness Tracker from SHINAP

The Shinap Fitness Tracker Watch acts as a precise pedometer which records the distance covered, the number of steps taken and the total amount of calories burned.  This touch screen device enables easy reading of your tracking even in low light, while the minimalistic design ensures that the waterproof band is comfortable to wear at all times. With a huge discount at Amazon, this fitness watch is firmly in the low cost category.

This activity tracker synchs and shares easily with your PC and Bluetooth enabled devices, enabling you to view your progress on a daily basis, as well as share your activity with friends. The item has a long battery life, meaning you can wear the watch for up to a week without charging it, while you can also be alerted when SMS or email messages come your way.

In comparison to other similar pieces of equipment, the Amazon discount certainly places it in the low budget range. The watch is said to be ideal for runners preparing for a race, while the water resistant materials protect the watch from splashes. The item also stores up to 7 days’ worth of data if you’re not able to synch it with your devices – ideal for a holiday perhaps?

Reviews of the item are hugely positive, the vast majority awarding the watch the maximum 5 stars.  Users stated that the screen is just the right size, large enough to show the details you need, while small enough not to affect your wrist movements. The touchscreen is said to be responsive too. A small number of uses have questioned the accuracy of the monitoring at times.

The Shinap Fitness Tracker Watch is a good, low budget piece of equipment which will aid you in reaching your fitness goals. The item will monitor all of your activity throughout the day and then simply synch it to a device to track your progress on a daily basis.

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