Skandika Multibench Pro SF-2100 Training Bench Review

Summary: The Skandika Multibench has 2 roles, it works as a regular bench for dumbbell and barbell workouts – and also has 2 arm extensions which work with pulleys to allow resistance training. At a reasonable cost, this offers an ideal home or garage gym solution. Update: This item now comes with a generous discount at (at the time of writing at least!) – check out the dedciated product page for more.

Skandika Multibench Pro SF-2100 Training Bench Black/Silver

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Detailed Review of the Skandika Multibench

The Skandika Multibench is a versatile exercise bench which you’ll be able to use to perform a wide variety of workouts. The bench can be set to a flat level allowing you to perform variations including dumbbell exercises, as well as the more standard inclined workouts where you’ll workout rises in intensity due to the incline. With a powder coated steel construction, the good value for money bench is set up for long-term use.

This workbench has variable settings, allowing you to tailor all of your workout activity, while the variety of workouts that can be performed can strengthen up to 91% of total body muscle, including of course, the abdominals, back, shoulder and arm muscles.  You’ll also find two extension arms which allow further training of the shoulder and arm muscles, while also working the pectorals.

This piece of gym equipment can be folded easily, making it ideal for use both in the house or the garage. It has a max user weight of 110kg ensuring suitability for a most users and has a sleek black and silver colour scheme which is certainly easy on the eye. This mid to low cost workbench has a very generous Amazon discount, ensuring that it is easy on the bank balance too!

User Feedback on the Skandika Multi-bench

Due to the item being a new one at Amazon, at the time of writing there is only a few reviews so far, all buyers have awarded it the maximum five stars, commenting that the workbench was easy to assemble and had a solid construction. The after sales service of the item was also praised. This is unusual for any form of gym equipment (people are often (rightly) quick to point out shortcomings)).

For a multi-purpose workbench the Skandika Pro SF-2100 is an ideal choice. With both inclined and flat bench workouts an option, you’ll be able to work a wide a much wider variety of muscles than you might usually find, while the variable settings ensure that the intensity will remain high.

Check out the full gallery and find the latest discount for yourself now over on the dedicated product page.

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