SKLZ Power Strapz Suspension Training Aid Review

Summary: There are many home suspension training aids on the market, but none quite as straightforward as the SKLZ Power Strapz. Simply hang the straps over the top of a door and you’ll be working out in seconds. Versatile and robust, these make for the perfect workout / TRX session. At the time of writing there is a huge discount at – check out the product page here to see if this is still in place.

SKLZ Power Strapz Suspension Training Aid

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Detailed Review of the SKLZ Power Strapz

The SKLZ Strapz Suspension Training Aid is made up of two portable straps which can be used to perform hundreds of different exercises. This low cost trainer allows you to work arms, legs, chest, back and abdominals, while the portable nature allows you to train virtually anywhere.  You’ll simply hang the Power Strapz overt the top of an opened door, use the numeric door anchors to align the length of each strap, close the door and start your workout.

The training system includes padded handles and padded foot and arm harnesses, ensuring maximum comfort for the duration of your workout. The equipment will improve your flexibility and core stability, while the equipment is easy on the muscles due to the low impact nature of the straps. The heavy duty straps also come with a carry bag, making them easy to carry around.

The training straps make for an ideal piece of gym equipment, as if you have a door, you’ll be able to work out, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor workouts. The easily transportable nature of the equipment is ideal too, while you’ll not require any storage space within the home. The low cost of the item, which is made even more reasonable due to the huge discount at Amazon, only makes the equipment more attractive.

Reviews of the item are hugely positive, with the vast majority of the reviewers awarding the straps the maximum 5 stars. Users have said that the straps are perfect for home training and versatile, that they work really well and can be used in many different ways. The robustness of the straps was also praised.

The Power Strapz makes for a very straightforward, low cost and effective training aid. They can be used virtually anywhere and will work out all the major muscles, including the chest and the abdominals. Simply perform your workout and then put the straps back in the bag.

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