Spinner Fit Spin Exercise Bike

Update: This model is no longer available. You will find several alternatives which are ideal for home spinning. Here are my suggestions:


Summary: Designed for all ability levels, this home exercise bike is for the ‘spinning’ enthusiast (if you did not know, spinning is the group gym workout based on this type of bike). The Spinner Fit Spin certainly looks the part, has all the features you need and even comes with 4 DVDs with spinning classes on them. Details are on the product page at amazon.co.uk – check it now!

  • Spinning classes in your own home!
  • Great looking bike
  • Comes with 4 DVDs to get you started

  • Mid-range price point

Detailed Review of the Spinner Fit Spin Exercise Bike

The Fit Spin is a robust bike, perfect if you’ve you’re new to spinning or keen to push yourself harder and dramatically increase your fitness. With a sturdy black and grey low slung frame, the Fit Spin is easy to get on and off of and most importantly easy on the thighs, thanks to thick padded saddle.

The handlebars feel natural to hold and feature soft foam grips for a comfortable ride. What’s more, both the saddle and handlebars are easily adjustable to accommodate riders of all sizes. The flywheel is state-of-the-art, creating constant momentum for a non-impact workout and ensuring a fluid pedal stroke at all times.

Spinner make good bikes and have a great reputation in the industry. This stationary bike is perfectly priced for beginner or casual cyclists, however the lack of onboard computer and preset exercise programs will probably put off serious riders who need to be constantly challenged during their workout. The bike does come with a workout DVD to make up for it.

Feedback from customers has been great. Everyone complimented how smooth and quiet it is to ride and how easy the Fit Spin is to put together. No one seemed to complain about the lack of on board computer and the DVD got great reviews.

Overall this bike is finely tuned to give you a great cardio workout and an abs, core and leg tune up without subjecting you to the bumps and aches that a cheaper bike work. If you’re looking for a bike you can ‘get on and go’ with then the Fit Spin is the model for you. What it lacks in on board electronics, it makes up for with its solid construction.

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