StairMaster Treadclimber 5 Review

Mark’s Note: This model is no longer listed/ StairMaster have replaced the D1 with new models within the amazing ‘Gauntlet’ range. Check out the tech on the Series 8 Gauntlet Stairmill here.

Summary: Amazing combination of treadmill and stepper, with optional arm workout poles too. This is not a cheap piece of equipment by any means, though I am impressed by both the quality (StairMaster excel in this area) and the sheer innovation.


  • StairMaster quality
  • Combines a treadmill and stepper (unique!)
  • Fully featured and amazing display console

  • Very expensive!

Detailed Review of the StairMaster Treadclimber 5

This amazing (and as best I know unique) piece of fitness equipment manages to combine a stepper and a treadmill. This means you save on space while receiving a full-body workout: legs, thighs and cardio. I have not tried this personally, though each time I see it I desperately want to give it a try.

To facilitate all the functions, it is designed to be as versatile as possible, the treadmill, for example, is split in two to serve as both a treadmill and stepper, then an additional pair of handlebars have been included to allow for upper body workouts as in a cross trainer. But don’t get worried, despite being a new technology, StairMaster have tested this gym to its limits to ensure durability and reliability.

Several features make this gym stand out, like the stationary first step, so that when you’re getting onto the treadmill, you have a stable pivot point. Furthermore, there is a reasonable stride length on the treadmill so it can work for either tall or short users and ergonomically designed bottle holders and cooling fan. These may seem like minute details but it is because of them that so many users are going for it rather than others in its class.

Once you buy this gym, you won’t have to leave your home to jog in the park or whatever, so you will be glad to know there are several preset programs that guide you to achieve your wish. All these are visible on the touchpad console which also displays information on your current workout such as the calories burned, heart rate, etc.


StairMaster Treadclimber 5 Technical details

  • Touchpad console which is easy to use
  • First step is stationary to facilitate easy entry and exit
  • High burn, low impact workout; burns 2x more calories
  • Training programs to guide you through your workout
  • Built-in cooling fan and bottle holders