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Fitness Review Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The terms of use of this site are important, so important that I have made sure that this page can be reached in one click from every page on the site.

Here is what you will find on this page:

  • A waiver of liability
  • A disclosure of beneficial payments
  • A notice on copyright
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact and ownership information

If you are instead looking for a list of the content, then a great starting point for that is this Sitemap Page.

Waiver of Liability

Planet Corporation will endeavor to ensure that the content on this site is accurate and up to date. However no representations are made about the fitness for purpose of any material published here. This expressly covers any fitness or exercise advice, diet or food guidelines and reviews of any product of service. By using any information contained in this website you expressly agree that Planet Corporation Kft or the authors shall not be held responsible for any losses, heath or fitness issues whether directly or indirectly incurred.

Here is the deal: By enjoying the information on this site you expressly acknowledge that this is for entertainment purposes only. Any action performed based on the information here should be under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Disclosure of Beneficial Payments

Planet Corporation Kft receives financial compensation from online retailers and other 3rd parties when visitors to this site follow links to their product pages and make purchases there. This includes, though is not limited to, the Amazon.co.uk affiliate scheme.

Privacy Policy

Planet Corporation does not collect or track any personally identifiable data using this website, or at the time of writing collect e-mail address information. Collective data on site visits and page views is collected though the Google Analytics system.

Copyright of Materials

Having been an online publisher for 8 years, I have come to realize that the only way to deal with content thieves is via legal channels. Please note that no information published on this site may be reproduced for any purpose without the express written permission of Mark Holland, owner of Planet Corporation Kft.

If written material or custom graphics are stolen I will not get in touch with you, a DMCA complaint will be filed demanding your host take down your website – and then legal action may follow.

Pictures on this site come from Fotolia.com, Pixabay.com and from individual product pages at amazon.co.uk.

If you have any questions at all about these terms of use, please mail mark@fitnessreview.co.uk in the first instance.