Thane Twist N Shape Review

Summary: You can twist up to 240 degrees on this machine from the popular Thane. The tech is patented and the key is using your own body weight as resistance while you do different twisting exercises. There is a DVD which comes with this machine, showing you how to use it. So far, buyers have been delighted. Notably, some of the most positive comments came from older users – who might not have been supple enough to use the famous WonderCore or WonderCore 2 which Thane are famous for. Compared to many other pieces of home exercise equipment, the Thane Twist N Shape will not break the bank either. Check out the full gallery and buyer comments for yourself over on the dedicated product page now!

Thane Twist & Shape Full Body Workout Machine

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Detailed Review of the Thane Twist N Shape Full Body Workout Machine

What you’ll get is a distinctive looking green and grey machine which has long handlebars and a plastic platform for you to stand on. Underneath this there are non-slip feet which touch the floor, keeping the machine in place. The handlebar setup is height adjustable.

The unit weighs around 15kgs, which is lighter than many exercise bikes or treadmills. It is 60cm x 50cm x 120cm. There is a display, which will help monitor your time and number of twists. The maximum user weight according to the manufacturer, Thane, is 150kgs, that is 23+ Stone.

You exercise in a series of twists. As you stop twisting, you’ll put a series of muscles in your legs, butt and abdomen to use. You’ll then need to propel yourself in the other direction, giving those muscles a different role. According to Thane, this is a good workout. Just 20 minutes each day will get rid of love handles, tone up your thighs and give you a cardio workout too. You will also be using your arms for resistance, so bingo wings watch out!

This is not the hardcore abs workout that the famous WonderCore 2 can give you, though from the comments it does seem like the Thane Twist N Shape gives you the full-body workout that the makers advertise. This is certainly a big step up from a regular stepping machine with twist functionality.

What the Comments Say – Feedback on the Thane Twist N Shape

One thing that immediately stands out from the comments is that this works well for older fitness fans. One user mentions her age is 77, and is a very happy user of this machine. Someone did ask in the questions whether this machine will help you lose weight. There is a cardio element to the exercises, though you’ll really need to be on a calorie controlled diet to see results here. The toning will help to show you in the best possible light.

Overall, everyone who commented so far is very happy with their purchase. At the time of writing, everyone gave either 5 or 4 stars. Assembly (often a sticking point) does not seem to have been an issue with this item.

Wrap Up / Next Steps

Thane might well have done it again with this latest machine, which is change from their ab-focused WonderCore products. While older people benefited, it is certainly not only for older users. Anyone looking for a toning workout will benefit. The DVD of exercises and diet sheet are welcome extras.

With Thane, you’ll know you are getting solid kit.

Check out the impressive picture gallery and read the buyer feedback for yourself now over on the dedicated product page.

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