Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 Rowing Machine Review

Mark’s Update: Another model for the discontinued list. There is an excellent replacement though, the Marcy Henley Rower.

Marcy RM413 Henley Magnetic Foldable Rowing Machine - Silver/Black

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Summary: There are two main factors which differentiate the Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 Rowing Machine from the rest. Despite the tongue-twisting name this is a solid mid-range rower, and has stand out good looks. Those factors are the size of the flywheel (8kg is big for a rowing machine) and the ability to retract the seat rail between sessions – a great space saver. The feedback is mixed, with the huge majority of buyers loving it, and one very upset individual! You can see the full gallery and read that feedback on the dedicated amazon.co.uk product page.


Detailed Review of the Tunturi Bremshey RW3

If you are not involved in weight training then you are unlikely to know that Tunturi is the name behind the popular Marcy brand. This leads to an expectation of solid build quality – which does seem to have been the case with the Go RW3 rower.

You’ll get a distinctive looking and solid (38kg) machine with a large control panel and green / grey styling. While this model does not fold, the rail will retract, which takes a big chunk out of the overall 209cm length. The robust build is reflected by a higher max user weight than many other mid-range models – up to 135kg (that’s a little more than 21 stone).

The brake / resistance is manual – you turn a knob – with 8 levels in total. The feedback suggest that there is more than enough resistance available for even very fit users – and of course you can start with an easy ride. Some assembly is needed (as with most types of home fitness equipment), though this does not appear to have caused previous buyers too many issues.

You’ll get a large though simple LCD display. This measures your strokes per minute, as well as time, distance and calories burned. Heart rate programs are also included in the computer, though I am not clear on whether monitors come integrated – or whether you’ll need those separately.

Feedback from Previous Buyers

Lets get the one very upset user out of the way first. Whether it was faulty kit of incorrectly put together I can’t be sure. What I can be sure of is that this individual was furious, and that the wire that holds the handle disappearing into the mechanism was the last straw! I can only hope that he got a replacement or refund quickly…

Overall the quality and solid (heavy) build does come through in the positive comments. The simple setup was praised too. Several different commenters mentioned that many family members use it

Summing Up:

This is a quality rowing machine, and firmly in the middle price range. With a sturdy build, this would be a good choice for users with the space to leave it set up. Even with the retractable rail, moving a machine this heavy would be a chore.

Check the latest feedback, and full picture gallery for this smart looking rower on the product page over at amazon.co.uk now!

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