Ultimate Guide to Buying a Stepper Online

Finding the Best Stepper Machine

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This page will take you through the process of comparing different steppers and choosing the best one for your fitness level, budget and space.

With 100’s of different models to choose from, there are options to suit just about everyone. What I have done here is to break things down into 3 broad categories:

  • First a general introduction to the types of stepping machines available – and their features in each price range. This includes a look at some of the most popular models of 2015.
  • Next you will find a breakdown of the different features found on these machines.
  • Finally there is an overview of the main stepper makers, with information on what to expect from the models of each one.

In just 5 minutes from now, you’ll be up to speed on the choices and ready to order your first stepping machine!


Stepping Machines – What Will You Get For Your Money?

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Mini-Steppers – Price range £20 through £100: These machines are a pair of paddles (with grips for your feet) and a tiny frame to keep them stable – they are often around 30cm high and only a little bit wider. You stand on these, and start climbing those steps! There are major differences between the smoothness, stability and build quality between the biggest brands and the knock-offs.  You also need to check for how the resistance (force needed to push down for each step) can be adjusted. You can get models with handles (for extra stability) at the upper end of the price band.

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Twisters – Price Range $35 to $150: Mini steppers are great for working out your thighs and buttocks. Twisters add abs to this list by providing handles which you can use to twist your body as you step. As you can imagine, this is a popular option. You’ll not only be making the best of your time exercising, you’ll be working on a popular set of muscles too!


Aerobic Steppers – Price Range $15 to $50: These are less of a machine, and more of a physical step – a board with legs that you will physically step onto and off of again. These are used in many aerobic workout routines. The higher end models can be height-adjusted and come in sturdier material with better design.

Step (Stair) machines £3000 and up:  This is a different category of exercise equipment – and more likely to be found in gyms than in homes. These can have actual stairs on them, and will include screens with programmable routines and pre-set workouts.

For most people, a mini-stepper is great place to start.

Stepper Machines – The Most Popular Models of 2015

Here are the most popular models based on the number of units purchased. You will see that these are focused on variations of the mini-stepper machine (XXXXX I assume this is right? XXXXX). These models balance the build quality and features with a low price. All are available from Amazon.co.uk with free delivery.

(3 most popular models table here).

Buying the Best Stepper Machines – Key Factors in Your Decision

Once you have an idea of the category of stepper (aerobic, mini or twister) you would like – the next step is to decide on what mix of features are most important to you. Once you get to the end of this list, you’ll already be in a position to narrow down the target steppers to just a few models.

  • Quality: Stability is vital, and by going with the known manufacturers rather than the cheaper ‘no-name’ knock offs you’ll get stability, and overall higher build quality – and a smoother workout.
  • Size: Handles and larger machines may look more impressive – though these will be harder to store away between workouts. Arm rests are not really necessary for most of us – so think hard about whether your stepper would take up too much space before you go for these.
  • Screen: Some steppers have a simple LCD screen with information (tracking steps, setting the resistance levels and so on). For bigger and programmable screens, you’ll be looking at the high end step / stair machines.
  • Handles / Bands: These give you the option to work out your abs at the same time as thighs and buttocks. If you think you might need those later on, it can be worth buying a model which have them.
  • Noise: Cheaper models are prone to squeaks, though noise also includes the transmission of your steps through the machine and on to the floor. I recommend you check out this factor in the customer reviews before you buy.


Popular Manufacturers of Stepping Machines

Ultrasport Mini-Steppers

This brand is a store specializing in fitness equipment, clothing and accessories. The items sold under their own name are all guaranteed – and are of the highest quality. I recommend you check out the customer feedback for their Mini stepper (including models with bands to work out your arms).


Confidence Fitness Twister Steppers

Confidence are a long running and trusted brand – making all the main home fitness equipment types from treadmills and exercise bikes through to steppers. A big advantage of buying from a maker who have a large scale is that they can produce top end equipment at better price points than their smaller rivals. I recommend you check out CXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX as a starting point.

Stairmaster Stair Machines

If you have the budget, then the very best quality in this area comes from Stairmaster. We are talking pro equipment with fully customizable and programmable workouts, and build quality + design that will impress you. Check out the VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV to see what I mean.