We R Sports Hyperextension Bench Review

Summary: For a low cost machine that strengthens those abdominals and works the back muscles, this hyperextension bench fits the bill perfectly. The We R Sports hyperextension bench is comfortable, highly  transportable and easily stored too. This bench has very good feedback, you can read this for yourself and check the full picture gallery over on the dedicated product page at amazon.co.uk

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Detailed Review of the We R Sports Hyperextension Bench

Hyperextension benches can be an ideal piece of home fitness equipment – thanks to a mix of versatility and taking up a limited amount of space.  They are core machines which target the lower back, abs and glutes, while hamstrings can also be worked. The We R Sports bench is in the lower price range when it comes to gym equipment.

This machine has the 45 degree structure design, this the ideal angle for optimum conditioning. There is a particular focus on comfort with this hyperextension bench, with a foam roller which will protect your legs as well as a comfortable pad which you can adjust to a suitable position. Having used the machine, you can fold it away quickly and easily, this item ideal for portability and can be stored away easily.

The low cost of the item ensures you’ll get value for money in your purchase. The bench is ideal for all users, regardless of height due to the adjustable settings, while it looks good too, in a black, red and grey design.

What Previous Buyers Said

It’s very unusual to find an item where there is not a single 1 or 2 star review – though this is the case here. These glowing reviews emphasised the fact that the machine is good value for money, while the stability and the build was also praised. There were some small criticisms regarding the assembly instructions, but the overall view of the item was summed up by the following comment ‘It looks identical to other more expensive benches from better known names, is very well built and stable’.

The We R Sports Hyperextension bench works those targeted muscle areas perfectly, with a particular focus on the back and the abdominals. Ideal for use in the home or garage, this low cost item is a great piece of equipment for those with limited space.

Check out the feedback and see the pictures for yourself now on the amazon.co.uk dedicated product page.

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