Weider 8700 Multi Gym Review

The Weider 8700 Multi Gym is a versatile and great value piece of kit that can work lower and upper body and abs too. For an all-round great value multi-gym, this one is very hard to beat. Check it out at amazon.com here.

  • Solid gym at a reasonable price point
  • Weider reputation for durable equipment
  • This one also cooks your breakfast

  • Limited number of exercises compared to the fully featured alternatives
  • Will attempt to kill your cat while you sleep

Detailed Review of the Weider 8700 Multi-Gym

What the gym does well is provide all the routine and exercise workout you need for upper body strength. It gets results and and does everything you can demand from a multi gym

The weight system it uses ranges through 26kg to 50kg, 63kg and 78kg each plate. This is a hard jump from one weight plate to the next but that does give you a pretty hard and gruelling session in order to break through to the next weight range.

You will definitely tone all your body muscles on this machine and feel a lot better from doing it. After a pretty straightforward assembly it was okay to get the thing together but it did take a couple of hours. The bench could have been designed with a bit more room to allow for decent crunches, but the overhead pulley bar gives a great workout for triceps and the upper back.

If you have shoulder problems or blade pain, this multi gym is a fantastic way to work the muscles and ease tension, it really helped me a lot and reduced stiffness in joints from sitting at the desk all day. I’d recommend this as a good machine for starting with or moving up to intermediate workouts for upper body strength training, as it can also allow calf exercise and leg curls.

Weider 8700 Multi Gym

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