Women’s Shake Weight Dumbbell Review

Summary: The Shake Weight dumbbell uses Dynamic Inertia technology to provide a more complete workout due to the oscillation in the weight, ensuring a fuller workout, aided by the excellent instructional DVD. This is a popular item (in fact, the whole range of equipment from New Image is popular), check out the product page over at Amazon UK for more details.

Women's Shake Weight Dumbell by New Image

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Detailed Review of the Shake Weight Dumbbell

The Shake Weight is a slightly modified dumbbell which oscillates as you exercise. The company states that the Shake Weight increases upper body muscle activity by more than 300% compared to traditional free weights, this based upon groundbreaking workout technology called Dynamic Inertia. This low cost piece of home gym equipment comes with an upper body workout DVD, ensuring that you’ll maximise the results in your training.

The Shake Weight is lightweight, making it easily portable and easy to store away. The workout is only six minutes a day, making it perfect in this day and age when we all have busy lives. The guided workout ensures that you’ll be performing the exercises correctly – gripping the Shake Weight in the right way, keeping the wrists straight and ensuring that the arms and elbows are correctly positioned for the optimal workout.

Surprisingly perhaps, the dumbbell requires no batteries or power, meaning that you’ll have no extra expense after the initial outlay. The low cost nature of the item ensures that it is suitable for all users. This is backed up by the fact that by 2010 alone, the unit had been sold more than two million times!

Buyer Feedback on the Shake-Weight

Reviews of the item are mostly positive, with more users awarding it the maximum five stars than any other rating. Many users have stated that the Shake Weight is indeed showing benefits, even after a short amount of time, while the workout is said to be fun too.  The value for money of the item was also praised by many buyers.  A small number of users have stated the product seems a little lightweight and not as effective as they would have hoped.

The Women’s Shake Weight is ideal for training in the home. The oscillation in this lightweight dumbbell provides for a more effective workout. Follow the instructional DVD for maximum results and then simply store it away until the next workout.

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